We offer many different type of colour at Embu Hair, all designed to bring out the best look just for you.

Balayage – a freehand colouring technique adding lightness throughout the whole head, resulting in a soft transition from darker to lighter tonality.

Partial Balayage – a freehand colouring technique, adding lightness to specific areas rather than throughout the whole head (a full balayage)

Ombré/colour melting – a technique used to create a softer transition from one colour to another. Whether it’s blending in old highlights, or blending in one colour into another, diminishing any sort of demarcations in the hair.

Full Head Highlights – foils/highlights applied to all sections of the head from hairline to neckline. Most clients will alternate between full and partial.

Partial Highlights – Highlights applied to part of the head. Placement is depending on the look the client is trying to achieve

AVEDA Glossing Treatment – a conditioning treatment blend of certified organic plant oils that helps improve damaged hair and provides radiant shine

AVEDA Botanical Treatment – Breakthrough micro plant technology penetrates strands for intense moisture and shine

AVEDA Colour Touch-Up, and so much more. Call today for an appointment or to ask any questions.

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